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SAFETY should be of utmost concern to everyone. Outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, tubing, rafting, and riverside camping are assumed risk sports, which by there very nature, include inherent risks and dangers that can cause bodily injury and even death to participants. Many fine books, videos, and pamphlets are available, which include discussions on safety and these water sports. We can assist you in obtaining this information, as can local libraries, the American Red Cross, Coast Guard, etc.
NOTE: Take ample time PRIOR to your trip to educate yourself in basic water safety and canoeing techniques so you understand the inherent risks involved with these and other related outdoor activities. Safety material should be studied well in advance of your outing - there may not be adequate time to fully digest this material on the day of your trip.
The Whitewater River is a natural stream that is constantly changing. At times the river flows gently through shallow pools; at other times the river rushes through deep channels with swift currents. Obstacles in river currents such as fallen trees, large rocks, and bridge peers can be extremely hazardous and must be avoided. DO NOT TAKE CHANCES, if necessary, walk around river obstacles. Canoeists should properly wear life vests when in and around the river since NO LIFEGUARD(S) ARE STATIONED ALONG THESE SELF GUIDED ROUTES, and county emergency medical services may be difficult to access.
Participants should be aware of these facts and schedule their outing according to weather and river conditions best suited to their abilities. Time spent in preparation for your outing, combined with a sincere respect for the river, will help ensure your outdoor experience will be safe and enjoyable.
Canoe Tips
The canoe tips listed below will assist you in having a safe and enjoyable canoe trip out on the river.
  • Wear Life Vest
  • Hat / Sunglasses / Straps
  • Avoid River Obstacles
  • Sunscreen / Lotion
  • Old Shoes for Wading
  • Beach Towel
  • Cooler / Lunch / Beverages
  • Secure Keys & Valuables
  • Waterproof Cell Phone
  • Change of Clothing
  • Check Weather Forecast and River Conditions
  • Waiver Agreement
    Minors not accompanied by parent or legal guardian should have our Waiver Agreement signed by parent or legal guardian. Click Here to view and print Whitewater's waiver (PDF format).
    River Levels
    Click Here to view the current river conditions of Whitewater provided by USGS.
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