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Attention Campers!
Riverside camping at Whitewater Canoe Rental is available on a limited basis and must be prearranged with reservations and email confirmation. Campers must present email confirmation upon arrival. River camp check-in times are 2:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. and quiet hours are 11:00 P.M. Check out our camping rates, overnight canoe trips, and additional Lake campsites listed below.
Camping Rates
Lake Campsites
River camps cannot be developed as extensively as nearby lake camps due to periodic flooding. Patrons interested in camping near one of our lakes should call each camp directly for rates, reservations, and check-in times. Below are the following camps:
Mounds Camp
Brookville Lake (5 minute drive). Call 765-647-2657.
Quakertown Camp
Brookville Lake (8 minute drive). Call 765-458-5041.
Whitewater Lake Camp
Whitewater Lake (10 minute drive). Call 765-458-5565.
Hueston Woods Lodge/Camp
Acton Lake (30 minute drive). Call 800-AT-A-Park or 800-BUCKEYE. You can also visit their website.
Miami-Whitewater Forest Camp
(8 minute drive) Call 513-367-9632.
Grandpa's Farm Campground and RV Park
4244 St. Rd. 227 N.
Richmond, IN 47374
Call 1-888-756-4490 or 1-765-962-7907.
Waiver Agreement
Minors not accompanied by parent or legal guardian should have our Waiver Agreement signed by parent or legal guardian. Click Here to view and print Whitewater's waiver (PDF format).
River Levels
Click Here to view the current river conditions of Whitewater provided by USGS.
Current Brookville Weather
Little Miami River
Our Ohio affiliate Little Miami Canoe Rental offers trips on the scenic Little Miami River, North of Cincinnati near Kings Island and I-71.
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